Initialization and reloading

The configuration files can be initialized and reloaded at any time using the shell:config:init and shell:config:reload commands:

PHPCRSH> shell:config:init
PHPCRSH> shell:config:reload

At the time of writing the only configuration file affected by these commands is the aliases.yml file detailed below.


PHPCRSH supports aliases. Aliases are shortcuts for commands.

Aliases are stored in the file $HOME/.phpcrsh/aliases.yml, which is created automatically when launching the PHPCR Shell.

You can list the current aliases with the shell:alias:list command.

For example:

PHPCRSH> refresh

Are all examples of aliases.

Below is the distribution version of this file at the time of writing:

# Shell shortcuts
aliases: shell:alias:list
creload: shell:config:reload
cinit: shell:config:init

# MySQL commands
use: workspace:use {arg1}
explain: node-type:show {arg1}

# Filesystem commands
cd: shell:path:change {arg1}
rm: node:remove {arg1}
mv: node:move {arg1} {arg2}
pwd: shell:path:show
exit: shell:exit

# Node commands
ls: node:list {arg1}
ln: node:clone {arg1} {arg2} # symlink, as in ln -s
cp: node:copy {arg1} {arg2}
cat: node:property:show {arg1}
touch: node:property:set {arg1} {arg2} {arg3}
mkdir: node:create {arg1} {arg2}

# Node type commands
mixins: node-type:list "^mix:"
nodetypes: node-type:list {arg1}
ntedit: node-type:edit {arg1}
ntshow: node-type:show {arg1}

# Workspace commands
workspaces: workspace:list

# Namespsce commands
namespaces: workspace:namespace:list {arg1}
nsset: workspace:namespace:register

# Editor commands
vi: node:edit {arg1} {arg2}
vim: node:edit {arg1} {arg2}
nano: node:edit {arg1} {arg2}

# GNU commands
man: help {arg1}

# Version commands
checkin: version:checkin {arg1}
ci: version:checkin {arg1}
co: version:checkout {arg1}
checkout: version:checkout {arg1}
cp: version:checkpoint {arg1}
checkpoint: version:checkpoint {arg1}
vhist: version:history {arg1}
versions: version:history {arg1}

# Session commands
save: session:save
refresh: session:refresh

For a full reference enter in the shell:

PHPCRSH> shell:alias:list

General Settings

There is a general configuration file under /.phpcrsh/phpcrsh.yml.

# Amount of decimal expansion when showing timing information
execution_time_expansion: 6

# Show execution time for queries
show_execution_time_query: true

# Show execution time for node list operations (i.e. node:list)
show_execution_time_list: true


This file is automatically merged on-top of the distribution configuration. This means that you can delete any or all of the configurations in this file to revert to the default values.